Success with e-shots – a case study

Sending out a regular e-shot to your contacts is one of the best ways to get your marketing messages across quickly and easily. In mid-2017 we started working with a client who was sending out emails and we quickly spotted the potential for improvement.

The stats when we began working with the client were as follows:

Open rate: 0%, click-through rate 0.3%

The most recent stats (as at January 2019) were:

Open rate: 58%, click-through rate 20.7%

Here are some of the recommendations we made:

Make the subject line engaging

No-one will be that interested in a headline saying ‘Check out our latest news update’ so make it more enticing. Examples such as ‘How to grow your business in 30 days’ ‘Here’s your exclusive invitation to our next event’ ‘Introducing our brand new offer’  are more likely to have a higher open rate, especially if the offer is relevant to your clients. After a few days, identify those who haven’t opened your email and re-send them the email with a different subject line.

Send it out regularly

You’d be surprised how many organisations send their emails out sporadically. If you send your e-shot out regularly then your clients will start looking out for it, especially if it’s a good read. Any more than once a week, unless you’re a major news outlet, is overdoing it. You can also use your Google Analytics to identify the peak times when your clients are interacting with your brand and schedule your e-shot to coincide with those times.

Guide your audience around your site

Most websites have a number of different pages so make use of the newsletter template to guide your audience around your site. That way they get a much better overview of your offers. It’s also important to include trackable shortened links so you can see which links are the most popular.

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