Christmas adverts and the creative spark

So.. some of the Christmas adverts are out, and with the arrival of the John Lewis advert it really is starting to feel a bit festive. But is the John Lewis advert as imaginative as some of its previous Christmas campaigns? The premise of the story is that Elton’s career started off  following the gift of a piano for Christmas and much of the advert is made up of footage from his many live performances of ‘Your Song’. Compare this to last year’s Buster advert or (our favourite) the travelling snowman who went looking for his snowwoman and we can’t help feeling that there’s something lacking. What’s new or different about Elton? What if you don’t like Elton and, for the under 25s, have you even heard of him?

Compare this to the Sainsbury’s ‘The Big Night’ advert with its glitz and glamour, the kids dressed as chocolate Christmas baubles and the gravy boat hovering across the stage. Not only is it funny and entertaining but more importantly has plenty of  shareable digital content which can be used to sell items from across its range. The gif of that kid dressed as a plug running towards the socket is already trending. Can you even buy pianos in John Lewis?

Here at Bees Knees we pride ourselves on our creativity. We’ve done all sorts of crazy things in the pursuit of things imaginative, different and unusual just so you can stand out from the crowd.  That includes dressing up as the Alien from Aliens and Underpants to sell a theatre performance and coming up with a cocktail idea that got our client a spot on radio and has raised a considerable amount for charity.

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You can view the John Lewis Christmas advert here

And the Sainsbury’s advert here