Communicating in a crisis

We’re in an unprecedented situation and it’s causing a lot of fear. The temptation is to hide away but that’s not the recommended solution. Here are my top tips for crisis communications:

1 Now is the time to increase your online communications – talk to your target audience via social media, newsletter, blog, email, phone and find out what challenges they’re facing. If you have any good news stories that you’ve been saving up, now’s the time to share them.

2 What can you do to help fellow businesses in your community? For example as a content writing specialist, I can help you update your website content, press releases, articles and blogs. Given the huge upsurge in people working online and at home, it’s vital that your online presence is engaging and interesting. Most importantly don’t forget to listen and try and support others; this is a challenging time for everyone’s mental health.

3 When we look back on this crisis we’ll see that those who survived it best were the ones who were the most adaptable and creative. Can you deliver your coaching sessions online? What video content can you share? Can you collaborate with other businesses to widen your offer? This is a new reality so let’s all work together to find our way through it.