The rise and rise of PR






As a PR practitioner for almost 20 years I’ve seen a lot of changes during that time. When I first started out, it was just a question of writing a press release, sending it out, and then ringing the journalist to sell-in the story. Times have moved on since then but the benefits of building relationships with the media haven’t changed.

Here at Bees Knees we pride ourselves on building relationships, both with the media and our clients. It pays dividends  because we understand our client’s strategic objectives and can then shape their story accordingly. We’ve had great results too – whether it be on national TV or radio, Financial Times and the Sunday Times, trade or regional press, we’ve worked with them all.

The fallout from the Cambridge Analytics/Facebook debacle seems to have caused a sharp U-turn towards companies wanting to work with trusted media outlets as opposed to social media platforms. Given the proliferation of fake news, they will want to tell their story in their way and align it to their strategy. To coin a well-known phrase, they will want to ‘take back control’ and that’s where PR will play a really important role.

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