Top tips for working from home in 2021

It’s a new year and with that come New Year’s Resolutions. So if you want to improve your working from home practices in the coming year, here are some top tips from the Bees Knees hive:

Set yourself some goals: If you don’t have a structure to your day, they will all start to blend into each other. Combine work-related tasks – tick them off as you go – with lunchtime and after work activities such as a walk around the garden, a jog, an online training course, a video exercise class or reading a magazine. Try and do something different every day.

Hide the biscuit tin: Believe me, I speak from experience when I say that sugary snacks can ruin your concentration as they play havoc with your energy levels! Wait until the evening before you give in.

Talk to someone: A conversation or Zoom session with a friend or colleague can break up the day and does wonders for your mental health. This is particularly important at the moment as the danger of working from home is that you can feel isolated, more so now than ever.

Focus on the positive: If you are lucky enough to still be working, this in itself is something to be grateful for. Focus on how you can improve your business. This might include making changes to your website, updating your blog (!) organising your photos, de-cluttering your computer or doing your accounts ahead of time now that we are in the new tax year.

Tidy up your office: This might be something simple like buying a cushion (thanks Marks & Spencer for this bee-themed delight) or re-organising your filing but it will give you a great sense of satisfaction. Being able to find your paperwork quickly will save you a lot of time both now and when things get back to normal.

Above all -keep smiling if you can. There is nothing we can do to control the outbreak, we just have to stay at home and protect the NHS.