Cheltenham Borough Council – a case study

The brief: We were delighted to support Cheltenham Borough Council recently with their Corporate Plan which has now been published . The brief was to create a summary that highlighted the most important elements of the Council’s 5 key priorities and do so in accessible language.

The Bees Knees solution: The summary of the plan covers all the key points of the Council’s vision for 2023-2027. It sets out the Council’s priorities and future ambition for Cheltenham which is to ensure that everyone who lives and works in the town can equally share the benefits of its success. At the suggestion of Bees Knees, the summary also includes a list of the other objectives the Council wishes to achieve in the next 5 years. Why is this executive summary so important? It is unlikely that all the 60,000 recipients of the 20 page plan will read it through in detail. So this summary plays a major role in helping the Council outline its plans to shape the future for Cheltenham’s residents and communities over the next 5 years.