On the importance of proof-reading

This week I was proof-reading some terms and conditions for a client and I came across something that made no sense at all. It referred to a set of clauses which were non-existent within the document and I was really confused. The client hadn’t spotted it and asked if I thought it was important? My response: ‘Yes I think it’s important to clarify this because if the customer reneges on the contract and extricates themselves because of that particular point you’ll be kicking yourself.’ So it went back to the lawyer and lo and behold, they had left something out of the terms and conditions.

To be clear, proof-reading is just one of the services I provide, along with PR, copywriting and digital marketing, but when a client asks you to edit and tidy up document before they send it out, it makes sense to read it through carefully. Hopefully I’ve saved them a lot of hassle and money!